The Hearful Platform

“Actionable insights” is the claim made by nearly all vendors in text mining and social listening. Unfortunately, despite several years of investment in the space, marketing remains the primary focus area. For today’s omnichannel retailers, this is not enough. Until the voice of the customer is also used to influence product design, buy depth and timing, assortment placement, and the details driving store experience, the value of social listening for retailers is unfulfilled. 

Hearful is the first enterprise platform to couple social listening and customer modeling with a deep understanding of retail. The results are what shoppers are looking for: exceptional assortments, memorable store and e-commerce experiences, and at the intersection of customer and product, modern retail done right.


Hearful Unites Marketing
and Merchandising

Closely integrating marketing and merchandising is the greatest opportunity for retailers today. And yet, social listening platforms have remained mainly a marketing-only technology. Hearful bridges this divide by going beyond social listening, and thoughtfully infusing market and customer insights into day-to-day merchandising work streams.


Hearful Listens
Like a Merchant

Most social listening platforms are pan-industry. They rely on industry-agnostic natural language processing (NLP) to annotate customer feedback in a programmatic and concise way. Hearful uses NLP too, but its models are constantly tuned not solely by data scientists, but by retail domain experts who speak the language of merchants and the customers they serve.


Hearful Understands
Who is Talking

You don’t build assortments for just anyone, but everyone has an opinion. How can you ensure that you are focused on the right opinions, those of your core customers, as well as your target customers? Hearful adds context to voice of the customer data by mapping it to your segments, ensuring that decisions are being driven by the right customer feedback.