Hearful Honored as a Top Startup to Watch

Hearful CEO Lisa Kobylarz at the 2018 NC-TECH Awards (Ken A. Huth 2018)

Hearful CEO Lisa Kobylarz at the 2018 NC-TECH Awards (Ken A. Huth 2018)

Recipients of the 2018 NC-TECH Awards Top 10 Startups to Watch (Ken A. Huth 2018)

Recipients of the 2018 NC-TECH Awards Top 10 Startups to Watch (Ken A. Huth 2018)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Hearful Technologies, a leading product insights and analytics software company for consumer brands and retailers, was chosen by the North Carolina Technology Association as a Top Ten Startup to Watch. Hearful was honored at the annual NC TECH Awards on Nov. 15 in Durham, N.C.


Hearful was founded in 2017 to provide consumer brands with product-specific insights from millions of compiled customer product reviews, blogs and social media posts.


“As consumer brands and retailers face challenges on multiple fronts, staying relevant to customers by deeply understanding their feelings about one’s products is an increasingly difficult but critical task,” Lisa Kobylarz, Hearful CEO, said. “Making sense of what customers are talking about in product reviews, industry blogs and social media is an enormous job without the right tools. Our software allows our clients to gain better visibility into customer feedback, so they can invest in and deliver the right products that customers will rave about.”


Both globally recognized and newly emerging brands subscribe to Hearful’s software. The data can be used across various departments to optimize product designs, assortment offerings, forecasts and customer acquisition strategies.


Hearful credits its comprehensive analysis of voice-of-the-customer data as the reason for its competitive advantage. While other software services solely track positive and negative customer sentiment, Hearful’s advanced analytics dive deeper to uncover specific product insights from both clients and their competitors.


“Hearful answers the harder questions that are important to the entire C-suite – why do shoppers like or dislike our products, and what does that mean for how we run the business? How do our products compare to our competitors, and where should we be focusing our resources on to remain competitive?” Kobylarz said. “We are very excited to be recognized for our innovative approach to answering these questions.”


About Hearful

Hearful is at the forefront of helping consumer brands stay relevant to customers. Applying proprietary Hearful Human Intelligence alongside machine learning and other advanced technologies, Hearful provides brands the most relevant, timely, and actionable insights about their products.

About the North Carolina Technology Association

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