Product insights that matter.

We leverage the untapped gold mine of customer reviews across public sites to surface “hard-to-hear” product insights that drive revenue and margin.

Using Hearful’s software, we continue to discover product features that matter most to our customers. We have already unlocked more than $1M in cost savings in our first nine months.  We continue to use Hearful to improve product and brand experience and the ROI is exceeding our expectations.
— Global Apparel Brand
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Product Insights

Our solution helps consumer brand and retail decision makers unlock critical product insights, in real-time, from tens of millions of customer reviews and conversations in their marketplace. If you don’t get your products right, investments in marketing, branding and the customer experience will only get you so far.


Industry Intelligence

We combine domain knowledge in consumer brands with theme-specific machine learning models and advanced text analytics. We train our models with industry intelligence to unlock actionable product insights directly from the customer.


Competitive Benchmarking

We provide our insights across a competitive set that you choose. This helps with benchmarking as well as research into product trends and emotion across your entire marketplace. The result is strategic direction for product and marketing opportunities, competitive advantages, and opportunities to mitigate risks, driving both revenue and margin. 




Products Matter

While other customer listening solutions focus on brand or experience, Hearful specializes in product.


Competitors Matter

Hearful gives you insights across your marketplace. Benchmarking against a custom competitive set enables a more holistic view of risks and opportunities.


Granularity Matters

Our unique approach to modeling offers a level of granularity unmatched in the industry. You’ll get customer-driven insights all the way down to the product level.


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Managed Services

Don’t have the time or resources to do your own discovery? Or looking for some additional support beyond what you might be able to find on your own? With expertise in retail analytics, we can do the research and deliver the insights in a simple report format. Contact us for a sample.

Exploration Portal

Our easy-to-use software puts you in the driver seat so you can explore the data as much as you want. We even use voice technology to make it easy. To get the answers you need, all you have to do is ask. Contact us for a demo.

Data Delivery

Want to plug our proprietary data into other tools or integrate with other data sources? We can deliver our data through API or S3 bucket.


Wondering what customers think about your products?