Uncovering the Voice of the (Male) Customer


There’s a new powerhouse in retail. And no, we don’t mean cashier-less stores, VR fitting rooms or autonomous delivery vehicles. We are talking about men.

According to First Insight’s new study, men are breaking traditional retail stereotypes, shopping more online and in stores than women. They are more likely to be frequent shoppers on Amazon and are more likely to shop six or more times per month at traditional retail stores.

One reason for this shift could be men’s newfound emphasis on fashion. First Insight’s CEO cites Reuters research to support this point, which predicts men’s apparel will outsell women’s by 2022.

“This is due to men placing a greater emphasis on their appearance, fuelled by the rise of social media, and dress codes for men softening globally,” Marguerite Le Rolland, market researcher for Euromonitor, told Reuters.

This shift provides an opportunity to better uncover the voice of customer of male consumers. More male shoppers and their adoption of more casual styles allows brands like Athleta and Lululemon to experiment with athleisure options for men. But what do men think about these options? What are they saying about the quality, fit and style?

Now is a pivotal time for brands adjusting to the male consumer to increase their social listening and prioritize understanding product emotion. Collecting overall brand sentiment won’t allow retailers to pinpoint product deficiencies or opportunities; they must analyze on the product-level. Brands that listen to the voice of the male customer through specific product sentiment are the ones that will successfully reach and secure the growing demographic.

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